SpanComm, Inc.

Bilingual School Social Work Services.


My name is Juanita Hughes and I am a qualified bilingual specialist (ISBE) and licensed school social worker. I served the Kendall County Special Education Cooperative for 14 years as a member of their Countywide Bilingual Assessment Team, and as a building assigned school social worker. I now serve DuPage County school districts as a bilingual (Spanish speaking) social worker specializing in regular education and special education matters involving Latino families.

As a Latino, and first generation American, I possess a unique appreciation of the barriers that can impact academic achievement and education. I grew up in a bilingual home and possess strong communication skills in both English and Spanish. Furthermore, having lived and/or traveled in Central and South America, Europe and Canada has equipped me with a global awareness and cultural sensitivity in my work with diverse populations.

A Passion for Latino Families

My Latino background and professional expertise enables me to support school district goals by building a more culturally sensitive and productive working relationship with Latino families. I do this by bridging the communication gap, building trusting relationships, and creating an open dialogue with families regarding matters intended to facilitate their child's greatest social, emotional and educational success.

My work with district-wide Latino families increases a fuller understanding and commitment to the educational process while garnering valuable insights for school staff on how to better support student success.

Confidential, Experienced, Connected

As a licensed social worker, I am bound by ethical standards of practice which includes maintaining confidentiality. My credentials make me uniquely equipped to discuss and collaborate with district staff and families on matters where privacy is needed or recommended to maintain trust.

My training also enables me to manage situations which require outside referrals and collaboration between schools and families so that the needs of students are provided with privacy, integrity, and respect.

Let's Work Together

My resume, letters of recommendation, and additional resources are posted for your review. Please call or email me with any questions or request for support. I look forward to working with you in serving your district’s Latino students and families.